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Flat or low-pitched roofs suffer from rain pooling and snow piles, leading to leaks, ice dams, and roof failure. Well-maintained metal roofs are impervious to water puddles, and they permit snow to slide off on its own or easily with a roof rake. While the metal roof must be installed correctly with the proper underlayment to be effective, it’s a great solution for rooflines that don’t have enough slope to drain easily on their own. A basic steel roof can cost as little as $75 to $350 per roofing square. Usually galvanized or coated in Galvalume, steel roofs are efficient, inexpensive, and available in both panels or shingles. The edges of metal roofing materials can be very sharp, so always wear thick safety gloves while doing any work. Find the square footage by adding up the total for each section.

Installation of Metal Roofing Over Shingles

To accurately estimate the cost of a standing seam roof, a homeowner needs to know the square footage of their roof. This can be difficult to calculate without a ladder, measuring tape, and an afternoon of math problems.

What is the advantage of a metal roof over shingles?

Standing seam roofs come in a variety of materials, including aluminum, copper, and zinc. Each of these materials has its own unique properties that make it the right choice for certain projects. Homeowners can learn more about the pros and cons of metal roofs by metal type below, as well as the ways they influence the final installation cost. Unless a homeowner has professional roofing experience, it’s recommended that they hire a professional roofing contractor to complete a standing seam metal roof installation. This style allows for expansion and contraction of the metal in heat and cold without cracking or stressing the metal. Constructed from galvanized or Galvalume steel, aluminum, copper, or zinc, standing seam roofs have a modern farmhouse look.

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Plus, metal roofs from Erie Homes are energy-efficient, helping to keep your home cooler in the hot summer months without the high cooling costs. Metal roofing materials are becoming more fashionable for their durability and sustainability. Standing seam metal panels, which can last for half a century, create a distinctive and attractive appearance. Metal roofing over an indoor residential living space always requires some sort of underlayment.

However, metal roofs have lifespans that range from 50 to over 100 years, so it’ll likely be the last time you’ll need to replace your home’s roofing material. The cost of installing a metal roof over shingles is highly variable, ranging from $4 to $30 per square foot for materials. Including labor, you can expect a price tag of between $5,700 and $16,140 on average. However, prices on a large roof can easily reach much more than that for premium materials like copper. There are many metal types to choose from, some of which are more expensive than others. For example, an aluminum roof is far more cost-effective than a copper or steel roof. See our “types of metal roofs” section for a breakdown of each metal roof material and its average cost.

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