Everything You Need to Know About Billboard Advertising

It is also much easier to switch out messaging and creative on a digital Billboard. And consumers who see digital billboard advertising often take action. According to 2020 Statista research, 35% of respondents visit a website or search online after seeing a digital billboard. Another important area of billboard statistics is the increase in digital billboard advertising. Per 2021 Statista data, there are 350,000 billboards in the United States. Because billboards are prevalent, you typically have a say in where your message appears. Use your billboard site to target certain consumers or to attract people’s attention, such as near your shop or a major crossroads or highway exit.

Businesses have prospered dynamically after deploying the right techniques of billboard advertisements. Print ads are viral because of their low costs and more effectiveness. Among the various types of print ads like newspaper ads and magazine ads, there are billboard ads as well. Blip provides thousands of digital billboards that are easy to set up, flexible, and available for businesses of any size. For example, a campaign by Outfront for the Dollar Shave Club drove awareness for the company using billboard ads. Based on their result, 63% recalled seeing Dollar Shave Club on billboards, while 45% of consumers wanted to search for Dollar Shave Club online. Billboard advertising is sometimes referred to as outdoor advertising.

While not necessarily a “Billboard” per se, Wallscapes are large-scale displays that can cover entire building walls or other structures. They are typically located in high-traffic urban areas and are often used to make a big impact in densely populated areas. Government and nonprofit organizations are eligible for a discount on billboard advertising rates. Recruiters have found success cutting through the clutter of ad options with digital/LED and static/vinyl billboards. Plan and launch an effective advertising campaign with this guide and set of templates.

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Such ads comprise an effective in-your-face strategy that dexterously pull-in the purchasers. Electronic billboard advertising is highly popular these days.

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At the height of the pandemic, most people were forced to stay at home. Or if they need to go out, these are limited to important errands. However, once our fight against the pandemic is over, you will see more people going out. There will be volume traffic because everyone wants to have a piece of outdoors.

Billboard advertising is when Billboards are positioned in a way to attract the maximum number of people to the advertising. They are generally put up on roads where there are various audiences. And as marketers and business owners, you should take advantage of its real estate. It can still help you grow your business, most especially if you use the right designs. Seeing your brands in different marketing channels can increase its brand recognition. And if your brand does not have a billboard space, you are losing thousands of potential eyes that could see your business.

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In fact, if you want to target a massive or general audience, billboard advertising should be a mandatory part of your marketing strategy. Here are some statistical figures to prove that billboard advertising is still a very impactful advertising practice. Tens of thousands of individuals must probably see those ads every day. Even if it’s only for a second, all of those people think of those advertised brands when they see those ads. These impressions lead to brand awareness and even sales of those companies’ offerings. In the United States, how much billboards cost is determined by the geographic market, out-of-home rating, and whether it’s a physical or digital board.

It has been observed in many surveys and studies that billboard advertisements have the most considerable number of audiences and impressions. Use promo code “BILLBOARDADS” for 25% off Penji’s Pro Plan for 1 month. With digital ads being at the front and center of many marketing campaigns, some start thinking twice about traditional forms of advertising. Innovative billboard advertising campaigns from around the world. Billboard advertising is the only marketing media where the advertiser has full control of the ad space. Read more about times square advertising here. The ad has constant exposure – no other media allows your message to be displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Racist insults were collected via social media, and tattooed onto the body of a man to turn him into a ‘human billboard’. The man then walked around Paris distributing leaflets explaining the campaign and encouraging people to join the conversation. This makes a billboard a surprisingly cost-effective method of advertising, as well.